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Medical Care

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Physically disabled individuals required extensive care. At St.Giles home our staff are focused on providing the residents 100% attention. This will be the basics in living with dignity from grooming and cleaning to their medical needs. Our dedicated nursing staff provide adequate support in the medical care whilst our cleaning staff ensure the most sterile environment for the residents. Meals are planned carefully ensuring our residents get the best we can provide for their needs from our highly cable kitchen staff. 

Private Rooms

Since inception our residents have been provided their own private rooms. Each room is personally decorated by the residents families to ensure that they have a peace of mind and comfort in their own space. 


Healthy meals are made and served to our residents daily, ensuring we meet the dietary requirements of our residents. Professionally prepared and served timeously making sure our residents are well fed and healthy.

Medical Care

St.Giles Association has always provided adequate medical support for the residents in its 60 years of existence. Registered nursing Matrons have provided the support and knowledge to the nursing staff whilst ensuring the health and well being of the residents remain the number one priority.  Every resident is checked and looked after medically according to their individual needs. Regular visits to their private, government hospitals are done through our in house transporting support system. Medical care and access to public or private medical and doctors facilities are based on the individual residents access to their medical aids. (subject to what the individual has access to)

Social and Emotional Well being

Our residence have the support and involvement of a Social Worker. This in addition to supported by medical students regular visits from our association to the university and nursing schools for many years. We provide the residents with an environment to socialize with the other residents through our setup. Open gardens, entertainment rooms pause areas and accessibility to all areas of the residence. St.Giles Association has always provided public access to residents willing to go shopping and outing. This provides a healthy balance to the residents and freedom to be part of society.

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